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Line Marking

At Angle Line Marking, we have many years of experience in all areas of line marking with an in-depth knowledge of all Industrial, Commercial and Residential line marking requirements.

Angle Line Marking use only RTA and TMR approved paints that meet the requirements of applicable Australian Standards and APAS specifications. We use a variety of paints including Water & Solvent-based Paints, Chlorinated Rubber, 2-Pack Epoxy and soon, Thermoplastics. Our paints are applied according to their specifications using the latest airless technology; the result? sharp and long-living lines every time!

Angle Line Marking offers a one-stop solution for all your line marking requirements, including, but not limited to:
  • Car Parks (car bays, car bay stencilling, disabled logo, parents with pram logo, express parking, no parking, directional arrows, speed humps, piano keys, wheel stops).
  • Safety Lines (stop lines, give way lines, no parking lines).
  • Pedestrian Walkways & Crossings.
  • Shared Zones.
  • Forklift Zones.
  • Forklift Bays.
  • Exclusion Zones (fire extinguishers, fire reels & hydrants, fire exits, electrical cabinets, stairs).
  • Loading Zones.
  • Dispatch Zones.
  • Chevron Hatching.
  • Kerbing.
  • Trip Hazards.
  • Stencilling (letters, numbers, words, custom company logos).
  • Speed Humps.
  • Wheel Stops.
  • Safety Barriers / Columns / Bollards.
  • Convex Mirrors.

Line Marking Types

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